About Us

IveyCare is dedicated to enhancing the patient experience. Our rich history is steeped in providing caregiver-to-patient communication solutions to hospitals and medical offices. In 2005, our team was approached by a well-known hospital system interested in a patient communication board. Thus, was the invention of the 1st generation CareBoard. These CareBoards featured a plexiglass material that was formed into a taco shell-like structure to allow graphics to be inserted with care and moved from room-to-room with ease.

In 2009, after a 5,000 piece roll-out of the 1st generation CareBoards, demand called for a more structurally substantial frame that could withstand regular use and a unique graphic solution. This led to the production of the 2nd generation CareBoard (our current CareBoard). Our 2nd generation CareBoard features a solid MDF frame with magnetic backing and a customizable removable magnetic graphic.

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IveyCare is proud of the positive impact we are making on the patient experience. We would love to partner with you.